When The Coding Gets Tough,
The Tough Get Coding


Comprehensive IT outsourcing for business, from requirements collection and risk assessment to implementation and support

Software development

Our Team will deliver any custom-made solution in the area of our experience or become part of your development process.
Our skills include C/C++, .NET, Java, Spring, Hybernate, SQL and NoSQL DBs, Python, Node.min.js/React, mobile development (Android/iOS), OpengGL, web development, and more.

Blockchain development

For startups and enterprises. We are happy to code DApps, smart contracts, DeFi services and off-chain interfaces using C++, Solidity, JavaScript and WASM.

Augmented Reality

We can transform your innovative and impressive ideas into user-friendly augment reality applications with the help of ARKi, Depth cameras, OpenCV, AR.min.min.js, etc.


Full production cycle, from concept and gameplay to content production, coding and launch with the help of game designers and graphic artists, Unity, Adobe AIR, WebGL, A-Frame, PlayCanvas, Three.min.js, etc.



Nameos is a decentralized platform for EOS account names trading. Nameos.io does not handle or take control of the private keys at any point so that a user's funds are never in development team’s possession.

An auction process controlled by an open source smart contract and back office watches for auction related transactions to build historical state.

You can attach your Scatter to the service and set up an auction or directly sell your account name or bid on the names put up for sale. For those who don't want to wait it has an instant buy feature. You can also view the states of your auctions and get a detailed stats analysis based on incremental snapshots.

Stellar X-Boot

The platform provides a full toolkit to issue tokenized securities and to safely and compliantly manage the investment process.

X-Boot operates as a hub of services required to provide a whole toolchain to perform tokenization and STO.

Timed payments, subscription services and multiple payments. Implemented as a non-custionian service, we never see your secret key.

X-Boot is built on the Stellar network and employs an advanced blockchain technology. The Stellar network provides unique capabilities, such as low cost fast transaction processing, enhanced security of all processes, from issuance to storage and transfers of tokens.

Jolly Killers

A hybrid HTML5 game based on Canvas API and WebGL. Isometric shooter, sprite animation, random generated maps - implemented with no background workers in JS.

In game shop, fight for bet and other monetization tools are implemented. Player vs сomputer, player vs player, tournament and campaign modes. Optimized for mobile devices down to early birds with Android 4.

Long polling is used to get a predictable connection with minimal browser requirements.

Smart Eat

Smart meal plans for professionals and amateurs.

Depending on your goals, body physique, ingredient preferences and dozens of other parameters, Smart Eat creates healthy and balanced meal plans. Artificial intelligence and a DB of hundreds of flexible recipes insure that the meal plans are always unique and easy to cook.

If you are a personal trainer or nutritionist, Smart Eat is your white label solution for generating diet plans and guidebooks for your customers.


A software solution for creating interactive experiences. A video mirror initiates a dialogue with random passers-by by attracting their attention with elements of augmented reality in their reflection

Video and depth cameras identify visitors at a venue and track their movements. The system draws the visitors into an interactive show such as a product presentation, a promo game, an information point application, photo collage, etc. Visitors are entertained with augmented reality 3D models, AR user interfaces and random art controlled by gestures.

Backgammon Web & Mobile App

The website nardionline.net is an online backgammon platform for professional as well as amateur players. Different play modes are supported - player vs. player, player vs. computer and a tournament mode. Two variations of the backgammon game are available - backgammon and long backgammon. You can play in your browser or in an iOS application.


Kari, CEO

I have 25 years of experience as a system engineer, software developer and university researcher.

Igor, CTO

I have 20+ years of experience as a software developer, team leader and system architect.

Max, Principal Engineer

I have 15+ years of experience in IT. I have been an independent software developer, consultant, team lead, founder and CEO.

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