Max, Principal Software Engineer


I have 15+ years of experience in IT. I have been an independent software developer, consultant, team lead, founder and CEO. I have worked on projects ranging from online computer games to SaaS, blockchain and large scale distributed systems for the oil and gas industry.

I was born in the town of Voronezh in Russia but in the course of my career I moved to St Petersburg. There I met Igor who invited me to improve his company's remote rig monitoring and document management systems. I was responsible for development of a distributed conflict free data model, high performance charts, video streaming, complex customizable dashboards and multilevel access control.

When I take on projects I take matters of R&D seriously as finding the correct technology stack is, in my opinion, crucial to good risk management.


I have travelled to Finland several times and I was excited to accept Kari's offer to bring my expertise and skills to help Nordic customers succeed in their projects.

Finland, Helsinki, Tilkankatu 39 A
(+358) 0400 633529
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Y-tunnus: 2779191-4
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