I have 25 years of experience as a system engineer, software developer and university researcher. I have also had all kinds of entrepreneurship in Finland.
have worked a lot with Mobile Operator Support systems for TeliaSonera, especially with Comptel (nowadays part of Nokia)-related Mobile charging / provisioning mediation systems.
To be more specific, I studied project related software development and business. These studies have certainly found their application, now that I am part of this company and team offering software development services.
And I have been part of a university research team in UEF concerning developing countries sustainable development with IT-systems.


I was born In Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Some might say I have a Savonian extrovert character and accent, but I guess it depends also on the current situation.
I am married and have children. My wife was born in Saint Petersburg.

I studied telecommunications at Polytechnic and computer science at University, earning a master's degree.

When Igor, Max and I met each other, I immediately saw we had a comsmon business interest. I look forward to an apportunity to offer our services in Finland and Scandinavia.

Finland, Helsinki, Tilkankatu 39 A
(+358) 0400 633529
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Y-tunnus: 2779191-4
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