I have 20+ years of experience as a software developer, team leader and system architect. I have worked in various fields where IT meets the physical world, such as VoIP, AdServing, SCADA, mobile and embedded systems development.

I co-founded TetraSoft LLC, Russia's leading provider of IT solutions for remote real-timemonitoring of drilling operations and data analytics for the oil and gas industry. I also play a key role at Orway, a biometrics start-up featuring a new biometrics technology called Real Finger Authentication.


I was born in St Petersburg where I studied at university majoring in computer science. Towards the end of my studies I took a summer semester course in digital telecommunications in Finland, at Mikkeli Polytechnic University. Since then I have travelled extensively in the Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

When Kari and I met each other some time ago, we discovered we both had a common interest in doing business in IT in Scandinavia. I am grateful to Kari for making it possible for me to bring my and my teams' skills and experience to help Scandinavian customers meet their goals.

Finland, Helsinki, Tilkankatu 39 A
(+358) 0400 633529
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